Customizing Your Car Tracker Alerts for Maximum Efficiency

Car trackers also known as car tracking systems have evolved significantly. They are tech devices that not only track the location of a car but also offer a range of features for monitoring, security, and managing cars. Understanding car trackers’ types and capabilities is crucial for anyone looking to invest for personal or business use. In this article, we will let you explore types of car trackers, options for customization tracker alerts, and basic alerts. 

How Many Types of Car Trackers in the Market?

There are 5 main types of car trackers offered by car tracker companies in Pakistan;

  • Passive Trackers

Passive trackers record and store the car’s route, speed, and other data, which can be downloaded to a computer later. They are ideal for keeping historical records of a car’s routes and behavior. Passive trackers don’t offer real-time tracking.

  • Active Trackers 

Active trackers transfer real-time data on the car’s location and other metrics to a server, which can be accessed via a website or a mobile app. They are pretty useful for fleet management, real-time tracking for safety purposes, and monitoring driver behavior. Active trackers often include geofencing, speed alerts, and other customizable alerts.

  • OBD Trackers 

Plugged directly into the car’s OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) port. Apart from tracking, these devices can provide diagnostics data such as engine health, fuel consumption, and other car metrics. OBD Trackers are useful for maintenance alerts and detailed car performance monitoring.

  • Magnetic Trackers 

These trackers have strong magnets and can be easily attached to a metal part of a car. Magnetic trackers are portable and do not require professional installation. They are best for temporary tracking needs or use on multiple cars.

  • Advanced Fleet Trackers 

Advanced fleet trackers are specifically designed for fleet management. They can be integrated with fleet management software for comprehensive data analysis and reporting. These car trackers include detailed tracking, driver behavior monitoring, maintenance scheduling, and fuel management.

What are the Basics of Car Tracker Alerts?

Before we discuss customization, it’s important to understand the basic types of alerts that car trackers offer. Common alerts include:

Movement Alerts: Notifies you when your car moves from a parked position.

Speed Alerts: Informs you when your car exceeds a predetermined speed.

Geofence Alerts: Alerts you when your car enters or exits a predefined geographical area.

Tamper Alerts: Warns you of any unauthorized access or tampering with the car.

Maintenance Alerts: Reminds you of scheduled maintenance tasks for your car.

How to Customize Your Car Tracker Alerts for Maximum Efficiency?

For Personal Use

As a private car owner, your focus might be on security and maintenance. You could set up geofence alerts to monitor your car’s presence in and around your home or workplace.

If you have a young driver in the family, to encourage safe driving habits, speed alerts are excellent in this case. Maintenance Alerts are also beneficial for personal use to keep track of oil changes, tire rotations, and other regular maintenance tasks.

For Business and Fleet Management

Business owners and fleet managers need a broader range of alerts for efficiency and safety.  Extended Geofence Alerts are needed to monitor cars across multiple locations. For keeping a check on the driver, the driver behavior alerts work best, including harsh braking, rapid acceleration, and idling, to promote efficient driving practices. Maintenance Alerts are tailored for each car’s usage patterns to reduce downtime and repair costs.

For Security Concerns

If security is your primary concern, you can focus on tamper Alerts that instantly notify you of any unauthorized access or attempts to disable the tracker. Movement Alerts are also needed if you want to be aware of any unauthorized use or theft of the car.

Can I Customize Car Tracker Alert Settings?

Once you’ve identified the types of alerts that best suit your needs, the next step is customization. It involves:

  • Setting Thresholds: For speed and geofence alerts, define the limits that are appropriate for your requirements. For example, setting a speed limit that is appropriate for a young driver.
  • Scheduling Alerts: You might only want certain alerts, like geofence or movement alerts, to be active during specific hours or days.
  • Choosing Notification Methods: Decide how you want to receive alerts, through email, SMS, or app notifications.

Integrating with Other Systems

For added efficiency, you can integrate your car tracker with other systems:

  • Connect with Calendar Apps: for maintenance alerts, linking with a calendar app can ensure you don’t miss scheduled services.
  • Integration with Fleet Management Software: for businesses, integrating tracker alerts with fleet management software can provide comprehensive insights into car usage and maintenance needs.

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