How Does a Car Tracker Work?

A car tracker or navigation system is installed to locate the exact pinpoint location of the vehicle. It is commonly known as GPS (Global Positioning System), which uses a network of satellites to determine the location of your car.

This system is highly beneficial for car drivers in many ways. That technique constantly records your site whether you are driving or not. This apparatus uses two mathematical methods to find your exact physical location.

These are the following methods:

  • Trilateration
  • Distance = Rate * time

We have to focus on the first one. Primarily car tracker works on the first technique. Trilateration determines your location from three distances satellites. The incredible thing is that it can find your position throughout your planet with the help of these orbiting GPS space stations. The same technology is used in portable or in-car navigation systems. The difference between these two systems is described below:

Navigation mechanism

You have noticed that this tack tells position with directions when driving a vehicle. Setting your desired destination guides your righteous path. It helps you to find exact addresses.

This data is also received by satellites. You can see this with the help of a panel also installed in your automobiles. A driver can see this data through it. But no other person out of the car could see this data.

Conversely, a GPS tracker also receives data from spacecraft about your position on the Earth. In this mechanism, a person can see your pin position even hundreds of miles away from you. It is done by the channels that allow the information received from the tracker to be displayed on someone’s screen who wants to find you.

We can elaborate on this example; a SIM-Card inside this set-up sends information via 3G/4G networks to the cloud server. SIM-Card works as a modem for a GPS. As it works like a Wi-Fi modem, we must pay a monthly fee to maintain this apparatus.

In simple words, Car tracker is mandatory for us. It is an excellent source of our vehicle’s protection and also for us. It could be a reason to provide car owners peace of mind due to its incredible characteristics.

You can find a plethora of brands that are making this device with different packages in Pakistan. That is why we help our readers choose the best and most reliable car tracker brand for their vehicles.

Through our informative article, you will select the proficient brand of location tracker for your heap. If you feel enlightened by this helpful knowledge, feel free to ask more questions that pop up in your mind! Scroll down to know how to choose the best tracker for you!

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